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Please Help? Spot On Korina Wont Take Sealer )ot Anything Else)


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Im doing a guitar in sunburst. That part dont matter.. What problem I have, is that there is a 2.5" round area that wont take sanding sealer... the rest took it fine iim trying to not sand the whole thing sown and start over..... for some reason, the wood in that 1 'lil spot wont take....

any cleaner (household) that i can use rather than go buy something else? any ideas?

it's got to be sealed some (1st coat of sealer) as now iw wont even take dye or stain ... weird

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Personally I'd try cleaning the area with napthalene or acetone. Would anyone like to confirm if this is correct or not?

Thanks, I'll try that. For now, I sanded back down the problem areas..

ended up a relic of sorts (not intentional).

1 thing, i did not use any grainfiller.... (ooops) this is my first..

so, heres the unintentional relic for now...

i'll order some grainfiller from reranch, and then mix my blend of colors again... for round 2... or, if anyone thinks i oughtta just sand it all down and start over, tell me that too. Im thinking I can fix what you see there (pic) Also, round up some napthalene...


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Napthalene -> lighter fluid.

Acetone -> nail varnish remover (although tends to have conditioners which you don't want in it!)

I buy acetone from my chemist as a household solvent.

cool! thanks for the tip! I did not know that. Wifeys got nailpolish remover here...

ill give it a whirl.

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Do not use nail polish remover! It has moisturizers in it, which you don't want. Get straight naptha from your hardware store. Acetone is a carcinogen and you need a charcoal filter mask or ventilation to work with it.

Sand it all down to bare wood. I'm betting you have some wax or something in there. Test that area first before grain filling and/or sealing.

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