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Hi there folks,

I found this forum while searching for sites that have got information on spraying pre-catalysed lacquers.

I live in the northern part of New Zealand and am a High School Metal Technology teacher.

Anyway I have built 3 guitars and are currently on my fourth.

The first which I sold a while back to help finance a new Vox AD50VT was a mahogany bodied dreadnought with western red cedar top. That turned out amazingly good for a first guitar and played well. The second was a cutaway acoustic/electric dreadnought which is now my practise guitar that hangs on the wall by my computer.

Number three is a solid body electric loosely based on a LP shape with over wound humbuckers with coil taps.

My current project is a semi-hollow body based on an gibson ES335. The body is completed apart from cutting the binding channels and final sanding. The neck is waiting to be shaped and have the truss rod fitted and the rosewood fingerboard has been inlaid with pearl block markers and bound with maple.

There is some great jigs people have made of which most I have made my own version of.

I like the fact people make their own jigs and don't buy it all from Stew Macs as Ive seen on other sites.

I'm a real do it yourself person and make just about everything I can to keep construction costs down. Just buying the hardware for a guitar adds up.

Anyway enough rambling great site people.

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