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It hasn't hit Ottawa yet. Phew!

I like snow for.... a week. About a week. And I like it REALLY cold for that week, so that I can wear my comfy goosedown jacket (unless it's REALLY cold, I feel silly wearing it because it might seem like too much!). But then, it gets old. And cold. And salty and slippery and miserable.

And dark.

Bah, winter is for the birds! Er... well... for the birds that haven't migrated!

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If you live in Canada you have to make it through the dark months.Put the clubs away and strap on the snowboard.WHOO HOO!!!!!I usually play better in the spring cause the boarding accidents give me me time to rehabilitate which includes a lot of guitar time.Let it snow let it snow let it snow :D:D

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Looks like you are into the storms we just had here on the coast, Matt. Its actually the remnants of the "pineapple express" that came from Hawaii. It was a warm tropical wind here, plenty of rain, but we are into a cold front now, not quite like yours tho. Stay warm dude and keep that Mexican backhoe aka "goon spoon" handy ! :D

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I love snow! ......despite the fact that I hate the cold. :D My family just decorated our house for Christmas today, but it was so hot here we had to turn on the air conditioner....not really wintery weather. Oh well, maybe we'll have some snow this year. Sorry to hear you don't like all the snow though.

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I live for snow. I honestly wish it would snow all year round and then I could ride my snowmobile every freaking day. Some may say, O but with cold weather you could never see girls in mini skirts, fine by me cuz I dont much care for that type of woman, Id rather see one in tight jeans with engine grease all over em and a wrench in her hand. Haha, dont ask.


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Please send it my way. We have only had two days of snow, and those days I was on the Canary Islands! And I like snow. Right now we only have ice cold rain. Would you like to trade? B)

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I live in San Antonio also. It's nice and warm down here. Only in the last few weeks has it dropped below 50 (at night, 70 in the day)

Hey pmarlin, where abouts in the city do you live? We should get together some time and show off our guitars. :D

and I -did- see snow once. Well it wasn't really snow, it was like 5 flakes. :D But I did see tons of snow when I lived in germney. That place is crazy. It coverd our car all the time.

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