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Hello, New To The Forum.

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Hello all. I'm new to the forum, but not new to forum formats or building guitars and basses.

I've been building for about 20 years now.

Here are some pictures of my work. I built these from scratch, no premade bodies or necks

The Scarab (completely handbuilt by me.)




The MetalMaster 2 (Strat Copy)


The Blizzard (J-bass copy w/3 band eq)


The Avalanche (Billy Sheehan "Wife" copy)



I also do inlay work. Here are a few examples.

The Dragon


Mountain Scene


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Hello Yamahabassist.

welcome to the forum. Very nice basses. This forum always need experienced builders that are willing to share information and experience.

Before someone esle points it out I would like to inform you that we have a "one picture per post" policy. The best thing to do is to show one pic and link to the rest. No intention to be mean. just wanted to let you know

Also: I know that me and a lot of others would like to know a little more about these guitars, like wood, pickups and so on.

But once again: welcome and nice of you to share some really nice guitars

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