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How To Check Wiring?

Off He Goes

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I wired up my pickups, pots, switch and jack. Now I want to wire to put the pickguard and electronics back in the guitar. I don't think it works though.

I read somewhere that if it was wired correctly I could tap on the coils and the pickups would make a "thump". That never happened. At the same time, it didn't make any bad sounds, it just didn't make sound at all.

I know all the individual pieces work so its not anything broken. Besides looking at the schematic again, is there anything I can do to check the wiring?

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I think if you tap on the coils and its making noise that means you have microphonic pickups!

Now tapping on pickups with something that's got iron in it will make a sort of clicking noise when the pickup is connected to an amp. The best way to see is to put the pickups in the guitar, string it, then play :D even if you've got the wiring completely wrong its not going to harm the pickups and if worst comes to worst you'll just have to take it out and re-do it!

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