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Help Me Get Info On This One

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A dude gave me this one, so I'll work on it a it, but I don't know much about acoustics, so maybe you guys can let me know if it's decent or a piece of junk.


It's a Regal. The frets are thin a n gold/bronse color. The headstock says Uni Bar Reinforced. The fret markers and logo are spray painted on.

there used to be a tailpiece as well as a bridge.

It's not too dinged up at all. Inside the soundhole says 8-65-jm, or 3-65-jm and underneath "Made in USA'

Inside sound hole.

Any idea about the type of wood? It seems to have a bone nut.

A little info would help a lot.

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These early acoustics were distributed by Fender from the mid to late '60s. They used laminate construction. There is very little detailed information on them.

That's from fender's website. Late 60's sub $100 guitars.

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Not great guitars but use your imagination. Its perfect for practicing repairs such as refretting, neck resetting, rebinding and refinishing - not to mention the obvious need for a new bridge.

Personally i would look into converting it into a wooden bodied resonator since it will probably never sound much more than junk as a straight acoustic andmost resonators are ply anyway :D

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