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This Site May Have A Virus!

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See that guy on the right? That's me. :D

I have multiple personalities. I am both at the same time!

Windoze desktop, Mac laptop. Can't wait for the inevitable port of Mac OSX to x86 machines (yea, I know, they use Intel chips now, but hackers still have to deal with the BIOS issue and whatnot -- its only a matter of time before I can run OSX on my desktop).

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the guy on the left is cooler

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The guy on the right looks like the kind of guy who would write some kind of virus...he looks a right smart - smug little pr##k :D No offence apple users... Even if you don't catch a virus yourself, a virus on the forum still affects you and access to it...

Everyone should be p!ssed off that anyone would attack a forum like this...go attack the government (of choice) make a protest or something useful...or, if you are commited to anti-social behaviour and you've done torturing your pets...go burn down schools and knocking off old lady's handbags, make a career of it...but for goodness sakes, leave the guitar forums alone...sheesh...

Sorry...just venting...

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the above thread may be some use for future reference (ie. stopping this happening again)

and psw...i dont think that they targetted us specifically...its not like their parents were killed by luthiers or something :D

its robots...they're evil!

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Yeah, i would have to agree, the guy on the left is definitely cooler. I mean, look at him, he looks very successful, he probably has a job and an office, the guy on the right looks like he just finished smoking a doobie. Damn hippies.

Ha ha, I sort of sit in the middle of those two. I'm at work, but I've just finished a doobie B):D:D

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Man the guys who take the time to do this kind of thing have got to get a life....

Well, if you live in your parent's basement and you know you're never going to get laid, sooner or later the porn is going to get old...

You described my downstairs neighbor. although i think he bangs his dog

I'll smack him with a bat and see if he gives up

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The main problem with Windows is that nobody bothers to learn how to use the thing. They just sit there and whinge about how terrible it is and how great Mac is. Considering what Windows has to put up with in terms of hardware configurations, it's incredible. You guys can go and play with your white MacBook's and play with your cameras, I'm off to do something useful.

And OS X was ported to x86 systems months back albeit via a VM instead of fully blown. Still, run VMware under Linux and you're sorted.

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