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Access To Shop Finally!


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I took a test today so that I get full acces to the university's wood shop.

This is just awesome...the machines they've got there just look awesome.

They've got a MiniMax planer/jointer and a MiniMax thickness planer.

Huge bandsaw. Huge circular saw.

Lots of DeWalt tools.

big occilating belt sander.....

some reallt advanced MiniMax routing table...

and heaps more....

I can't wait to get started now that I've got proper tools.....

And I'll have access to them for at least 5 years to come...


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Sounds like they've got a nice woodshop. I'm always in my uni's machine shop, and i just recently stumbled upon the campus woodshop. Unfortunately, it's a facility services woodshop, not for students. Anyhow, I rubbed some shoulders and got access to their thickness sander, I'm stoked.



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