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Portable Spray Booth

low end fuzz

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ive been considering making a make shift spray booth in my own garage, so i can be at home while applying film finishes; the shop is too far to sit and wait (and not do anything dusty)while spraying consecutive coats; i have some ideas; but im sure im not the first one to go about this; and was looking for some tips and no-nos;

it will basically be big enogh to stand and move around bodies; off the top of my head, im thinking 6-7 ft. tall in a 4-5 ft. cube; prolly out of particle board; w/unexplosive fan pointed out the door;

i want to paint the walls with something i can wet to keep any dust down; like a plastic paint(?) maybe line it w/ thin metal or plastc wrap? or make it out of portable (like school) metal?

the idea would be just to spray towards the fan, and have enough room to turn around and hang them w/o interfering the next spray; no more than 3 will be done at one time, and thats a stretch;

if i could make it the whole garage i would,but cant; am i overlooking anything obvious?

no my neighbours dont care; theyre mostly harly ridin drunks :D


sorry if this should be in the finishing section

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What are you spraying? To me, it sounds like you're spraying multiple bodies. If that's the case, depending on what you're spraying, you maybe be able to work it out so you can spray each body consectutively so that by the time you finish the last, the first has fashed. If you could manage that, you could use the booth at the shop.

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just instrument laquer;

most likely i'll be spraying 2 at a time, and thats just so i dont do only one at a time;

but dust is the big issue for spraying at the shop; i share it w/ another guy; and its an open one room area;

we have to stop everything so we can spray, its not that we're sooo busy we cant stop, but we tried it and its a headache;

and before i apply a second coat of the first phase before level sanding i wait 2 hrs, and 1 hr. 55 min is a long time to sit around away from home

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