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Neck Through Explorer Cad?

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I think that I have one. Let me check when I get back home tonight (obviously goofing around at work right now...)

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I've seen that one... It's not neck through, so I guess I'll jsut use the body as a template, then get the distances (bridge, pickup placement) from my other guitar, since the two have the same necktrough neck from Carvin. :D

This is my first guitar build and it's seems like basically all I gotta do is:

1. Make Templates/measure some stuff

2. Cut the body shape out, then cut out the space the neckthrough will occupy

3. Glue the wings on

4. Route for wiring, pickups, etc.

5. Put on a wicked looking finish (still haven't decided what to do)

6. Wire 'er up/drop in the hardware

I'm not doing anything really fancy, so it shouldn't be too bad.

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