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Refinish S540 Matte Natural?


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Hey all

I'm going to refinish my Ibanez S540 in natural


The other guitar I refinished I sanded back, however due to the fact that this is really contoured body, and its a rather thick polyester finish, I feel I'll try using my heat gun on this one.

I've been reading a fair bit about tung-oil and alot seem to write about trying to achieve a really glossy finish, I'm really trying to attempt to get a finish like on of the other S540's below.



The bodies are mahogany, I'm unsure of which tung-oil variant to use?

trying to achieve really more matte finish

cheers guys

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Obviously you need to be very carefull with the heat gun if you want a natural finish at the end - any scorching will be hard to get rid of! I would also be open to the idea that the wood may not be aestheically great under all that paint so a natural finish may not be the best option.

Use something like tru-oil for the finish and you can have it as glossy or matte as you want.

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well the heatgun worked fine, much faster than sanding.



however although the 540S' are three piece, you can see the bottom piece of mine is incredibly poorly matched. Is there any point in attempting to light stain it darker, and then apply danish/tru-oil?

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