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Bandsaw Troubles...


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i got this sweet 14" rigid bandsaw for my bday in september. it worked fine until yesterday, i was cutting a 1 inch peice of mahogany and the rubber band that the blade sits on stated comeing off the track. i hope that makes any sense, i tried adjusting the blade alignment as per the manual but after that it just kept jumping off.

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Are you talking about the rubber tires that fit around the wheels?

I don't know much about the Rigid, but normally band saws have a screw to adjust the tilt of the upper wheel so that the blade will track in the center of the tire (assuming the tire is secure on the wheel). I would de-tension the blade and remove it completely, make sure the saw is clean of dust and chips, and check to make sure both tires (upper and lower) are fixed properly in their slots.

Move all the guide blocks out of the way so that the blade doesn't come close to contacting them, then replace the blade, tension it, and run the bandsaw by hand by spinning the upper wheel slowly by hand, making sure to adjust the tilt of the upper wheel so that the blade tracks in the middle. Make sure that the blade makes many trips around before you certify that all looks well.

Then plug it back in and power it up, and make any small adjustments you need to make on the tilt to get the blade to track properly. Make sure it isn't moving back and forth over the tire; if you change the tension, you may need to tweek the tilt. Only then should you power it down and move the blade guides into their proper positions (refer to the manual on this).

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the problem is the rubber tire, i did what you said and it still didnt fix it. its only on the top wheel. is it possable that the tire can get streched and loose? the bottom tire seems alit stiffer compared to the top one.

they do indeed stretch and wear out ocassionally though i've had my jet for about 6 years and haven't ever had that problem. if you take the blade off of the top wheel and can easily remove the top tire then it's probably time to replace it. shouldn't be too expensive and it should be readily available.

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