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Wood Fretboard Position Markers ...


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I was thinking of using some wood for the (dot) position markers on a project I'm doing. I figure I can just drill the holes and use a compatible plug cutter to get the markers, and then cut them pretty flush with a flush cut saw. What do you think of this idea? Has it been done before?

Concerns though . . .

If the saw doesn't get them perfectly level with the fretboard, can I sand them OK without taking off too much fretboard material? What should I worry about here?

Do you think differing expansion/contraction properties will make this a bad idea? (I'm thinking maple markers in a rosewood board).

Should I just use regular wood glue or something else?

And if you can think of anything else . . . lemme know :D

Thanks :D

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I dont think it would be that big of a issue.

as with all inlays be sure the get the sizes as close to puzzle piece as possible.

what I would do is leave the dot alittle proud of the board. and with your radius sanding block start milling just the dot down. once you get to a point where you will rub the fingerboard it will be pretty close to flush. I couldnt imagine it removing THAT much material. especially if the board isnt radiused yet.

there is a debate between CA and epoxy. Ive seen both. Ive also seen titebond, so who cares.

I doubt the expansion of the dots would be that big of a deal, but I do see the maple staining more then a pearl inlay would.

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