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Guitar Case project question


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I wanted to know if anyone had any insight into re-lining a guitar case. We are all working on these killer project guitars & have not discussed improving on where they sleep at night!

I want to re-do the lining of my SKB case with one of those cool Bright blue or Green crushed velvet linings (like Taylor acoustic cases or some Gibsons have)

Any thoughts on technique, what supplies are needed, where to get them, have you done it before, etc..

I look forward to anyones insight & feedback

Dave K :D

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You might want to try an experiment using "Foam n Fill" and a wide roll of something like 3 mil plastic which is pretty cheap now a days.

Once you've pulled the old liner out (be careful and it will come out in one piece, I've seen Rich from Ibanez Rules do it to a few). Lay the plastic in the case as a liner and go wild with the foam n fill.

From there you could probably just drop material on top and it would stick plus you could use it to get the shape layed out.

I doubt it would go as smooth as this post. Actually it will probably end up being a royal mess but you never know unless you try. :D

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Thanks for the tip on the wire foam cutter

Do you, or anyone else have any tips on where to find "Foam & Fill"

I am also having a hard time finding the crushed velvet for the lining...Is that what is used??? anyone know where I can find the stuff (3 fabric store in Detroit had NONE!!)

Thanks for the help


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You should be able to find "Foam n Fill" in any hardware store, it comes in a spray can with a tube attachment for the tip so you can inject it into any wall for insulation. There are several differnt maufactuer's of simular products so it might be a good idea to call ahead and ask if they have a simular product available.

For crushed Velvet if your comfortable with on-line ordering there are plenty of place's. Here's one that has plenty of different shades and even design's, plus they accept credit cards through an on-line ordering page.

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