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Tuners At Body, But Which Design?


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There are three options I am debating on using in this guitar project of mine.

Beside the cosmetics of it, are there any flaws in the performance of the guitar that might be foreseen?

Anybody do something similar?

The first one will have four regular tuners at the edge, and two at the head. The tailpiece will be used to keep the strings in alignment for the bridge, and the forth and sixth strings will help keep the tailpiece snug against the studs.


The second is with Steinberger tuners. Straight forward set up here.


This next one is the same as the four regular tuners, except with four Steinbergers for space saving.


Thanks for any help guys,


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I'd go with the 6 Steinbergers and no tailpiece. The angle of the E-strings coming out of the tail piece with the standard tuners will be rather extreme, and might break the high-E.


Take a look at TK Instruments' implementation using Steinberger Tuners - nice straight paths - Alternative Headless Guitar Design - TK Instruments. I'm considering this solution for my next build.


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