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Aging Hardware - Results And Questions

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After reading almost all topics of relicing and gathering a lot of information , i decided to buy some muriatic acid and test it on my current project ( a 60´s stratocaster ) metal parts.

Bath some screws and some parts i wouldnt use first , and left it on a plastic bucket to see the reaction.

Some parts oxidized instantly , and others dont , also checked that nickel is easier to rust and looks nicer than crome , wich started to change the color and look kinda weird.

Also gave longer baths to see how different it could be at the end , some parts were just too black , or just too rusty , considering also the variable bath time for any tipes metal.

I had 2 kluson el-cheapo tuners ( fender vintage ones ) with nickel finish and dropped the first one 15 minutes and the second one like 30-40 minutes in the solution .

I must say im pretty much convinced that it looks old , cause the nickel is just more "ageable " :D

But after setting them to dry , i am concerned about the gears , because the 30-40 minutes tuner shows some extra friction on the gear ( just looking forward to see how theyre gonna be tomorrow ) .

Should i oil or use machine´s wax on the gear ? I got a gotoh 6 in line set of nickel tuners and im intending to make this process on them, but in a way i could still use them ;D.

Ill post pictures as soon as i get my batteries recharged.



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