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Drilling A Hole!


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hey guys,

im completley tricking out and upgrading my jackson that i got a couple months ago, i am starting with new pups but before i put them in, i want to try something that i dont see happen alot. i currently have 2 pots, one master tone and master volume. i want to add another volume to make one for each pickup but keep master tone.

i have the wiring diagram but im not sure how i wanna go about drilling into the electronics cavity of my guitar!

i mean, are there some precautions i need to take about drilling into the finish? will the hole cause any sort of electrical interferrence at all? is there a chance i can damage or crack the finish while boring in? and finally, am i only making a big deal about drilling a little hole in the guitar and changing the basic wiring? :D

I put this in the finishing area because mostly what im concerned about is damaging the gloss or cracking the finish, not so much about electronics.

anything you all have to say will be welcomed!

Thanks alot guys!

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If you get one of those drill bits for wood with the little sharp spike on the tip then it will bite in to the wood ok while you drill the hole. To fit a new pot you need about 7-7.5mm hole to accomodate the pot shaft, but this can vary with some pots. If you damage the surface very close to your new hole, the washer, nut and new knob will obscure the cips or scratches, just go slow and think twice before doing anything. You will be fine!

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You mean a bradpoint? Always a good idea to use. I usually cover the area with a layer of masking tape, to help prevent chipping.

great big ditto on the masking tape. i've installed countless acoustic pickups in guitars without them and to install the end pin jack i have to drill a half inch hole where the end pin usually is. with masking tape i've never had a chipping problem.

another little trick to use when installing a pot is to mark your hole with a small finish nail before applying the masking tape so that you can tell exactly where you wanted it after you do apply the tape.

good luck.

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