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i was wondering if it was at all possible to install an effect pedal into a guitar...

would you just stick it just before the output inside the guitar or am i overlooking something????

its just that i think that this would be really cool!

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you probably shouldnt put the whole pedal into the guitar, but you could install all the wiring into one i would think. Have like a regular switch to replace the stomp one, and some other mods. If you know stuff about electronics try searching google for stomp box schematics and you should find some sites with them. It would be sweet to be able to adjust the gain on your guitar, or some other effect!

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yes, you can just put it in before the output, but to get real fancy-schmancy, you could just pull out the electronics, jacks and all, find a place to stick 'em in the body, move the guitar's out jack and replace it with the pedal's out jack, then just "plug-in" the pedal permanently on the inside.


back to my theory on theories. in theory, communism works, so you can't always trust theories.

- dan

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