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Could This Be Soft Maple I Bought?

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most of all the hard maple i get from the same place i have bought tons. i know all wood is diferent etc even though its the same type etc.. hard maple it usally has that slight hint ofa off white to it. this maple i bought was marked hard maple like it always is. its is really very white kinda like you see on some fender stuff that isnt tinted necks. anyway anoyne ever seen this. just wondering if somebody screwed up marking it.

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this maple has almost a balsa whiteness coloring to it , it also dosent seem as dense etc as all my other maples.

sad thing is i just figured it was what it was . also i sadly have glued my fretboard to it. anyone have any other ideas to see if its hard maple. anyone ever removed ,steamed a fretboard off a neck.

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anyone have any other ideas to see if its hard maple.

Do you have any scraps from building the neck from that wood? All you really need is a cubic centimeter sample and a small weigh scale then you can extrapolate that to kg/cu. meter (remember high school math? Nows the time to use it! :D ) and compare to the tables I posted earlier. If it comes out at 650 to 700 KG / Cu. meter then its hard maple. If it comes out at 450 to 500 then its not hard maple.

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