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Fingerboard Slotting Service

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im building a guitar and since it is only my second im not overly confident on cutting the fret slots as there is so much that could go wrong.I was just wondering if there was any business located in the uk that offers a fret slotting service and how much it might cost. I already have the wood for the fingerboard it just needs slotting. Does anyone know anywhere that might do this?

Ive ran a search but cannot find any info on this anywhere!

Many thanks


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I don't think I've ever heard of such a service. There might be someone on this forum that'll do it for you (though then you have to trust them to get it right :D ). You'll probably be better off ordering a new pre-slotted fretboard (from Craft supplies or David Dyke or wherever) and saving the bit of wood you've got for a later project when you feel up to fretting it yourself. (oh and incase you don't think you'll be doing any more projects I'm planning my 4 and 5 (and possibly 6 and 7) and was only orignally going to do one!)

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