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Installing An Emg Kfk Set On My Ibanez Rg570, Help!

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I am in the process of installing the hardware from the KFK set into my RG570. Here's what was done:

-totally "deconstructed" the 570 (that is, removed all vol/tone pots/5 way switch/input jack/pickups/all wiring)

-installed the pickups and wiring

-installed a 3 way blade style pickup selector switch

-removed tone pot as the gurus on this forum advised

-install the gain booster and wiring in the tone pot location

So, it will have a 3 way selector, 1 master volume and the gain booster, NO tone knob.

Here's the problem. The input jack that came with the kit is attached to the battery thingee but does not fit the guitar! Just look at the picture. It requires a wider hole in the guitar body. The picture also shows the original input jack taken out of the guitar (notice how long and narrow it is as compared to the KFK input jack?!

What now?? Time for drilling?? Please Help!!


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use the original jack.ibanez guitars come equipped with a stereo jack(three terminals)

desolder the one that came with emg and resolder the wire onto the same terminal of the jack that came out of the guitar.then wire it up like the diagram shows.it's not as difficult as it looks

by the way that pic is larger than forum rules allow.by far.turn it into a url link instead

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no it just won't work,that's all.

one clue is that the terminal that has no solder on it from the original wiring is the extra wire on the new wiring.(not hot or ground)

unfortunately there really is no way to tell on those jacks because of the poured in stuff

i can't remember if hot is right or left...i think it is right?if the terminals are all three pointd up i mean

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A couple other questions. In my other thread (that apparently has been hijacked..LOL!) you mentioned that you have yours installed "ungrounded". What do you mean?

Also, I have read elsewhere to *NEVER* EVER ground to the spring claws because it will generate noise and buzz. Can you please elaborate?

When I was deconstructing I noticed that there was in fact a ground soldered to the spring claw.

Spring Claw Ground

There was also what appears to be another ground underneath where the middle pickup used to be.

Other Ground

Other Ground Rear

Can you please advise what would be the best and most noiseless route to take?

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emg pickups do not require a ground.do not reinstall the ground from the back of the volume pot to the trem claw.

i repeat...the ground to the bridge is NOT used in active emg pickups.look at the wiring diagrams you gotfrom emg and you will see no ground to the bridge.

i am going to bed now...goodnight


that is one of the main differences between active and passive.the battery itself grounds the electronics and makes it possible to isolate the electronics from the strings entirely.as a side effect your risk of shock through an ungrounded amp is greatly reduced...which also is another reason alot of stage musicians use either actives or wireless systems or both

the ground underneath the pickup that you speak of grounds the sheilding paint to the common ground of the pots...you can install those if you want but it is really not needed...emgs do not pick up interference like passives.i have no sheilding on any of my active guitars and even with my 350 watt amp cranked to about 100 decibals and higher i never hear any hint of feedback

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I know this is a lot to ask but can someone please draw me a wiring diagram on how it should be wired. It will be configured with the following:

-3 way blade style selector switch

-81/85 pickups

-PA2 gain booster

-9 volt battery connector

-1 master volume control

-1 master tone control

-"Ibanez" style stereo input jack

Thank you.

It probably IS a lot to ask :D


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diagram already is readily available on emg site for every possible configuration...if i had a faster connection i could find it for you easy...but eachpdf page takes me minutes to open at 153 k...so maybe you should look around a little over there..i don't want to invest that much time in something already available.

but it's good that you got a pro to do it.if you can't find the right diagram i doubt you have enough knowledge to wire all that without making a mess and possibly ruining the pickup leads...

you see,the ground on emg pickups is a metal braided sleeve that encases the hot wire...and if yu don't know what you are doing you can easily melt through the hot wire's insulation and then it just won't work at all...because yiour hot will be grounded out

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