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Brass Nameplate

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i wanna try some brass nameplates on the headstock; i think that screwed in w/ a couple of gold screws has the potential of looking really classy;

i thought of getting them done at a trophy store, but are too expensive for all the comprimises id have to make; fonts and using my own brass and what not;

i wanna cut the metal into a scroll type thing; kinda like a bubbly 'z' on its side; yu kno?

with my font type ive been uing;

any ideas of places that could be a lil more accomidating?

i also thought about using a dremal engraver, but i use one at work and i can barely make the date readable :D (first class craftsman)

even a 'stamp' (like stamping serial#s) but customized to specs;



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how about chemicaly etching it? you can design it on the PC print it out on 'press and peal' (I think thats what its called...its paper used for etching circuit boards). Put it onto your truss rod cover and dip it in some ferric chloride (available wherever you get the press and peal) leave it for a while and bingo one chemically etched truss rod cover!

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I don't know about anywhere else but here in Aus shoe repair places, like the ones you see in shopping centers, do that sort of thing for pet collars etc, and they do all sorts of fancy stuff if you ask usually. They also have examples of their work on display usually so you can see if they are up to it before going too far with it as well,


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Mr Fuzz,

I may be able to help you out. I have a laser engraver, and a vinyl cutter. There is a couple different ways to get close to what you want.

I could cut you a "peel & stick" decal. It is actually a high gloss metal that goes under the clearcoat. They work really well. I've done tons of these for small shops. The downside is that the detail can only be so small...I'd have to see your design.

Or, I can do you a TR cover style "plate" that screws on. It is a plastic material with a brushed brass topcoat. The edges & engraving show up as black. It wouldnt look as heavy as brass, but they do look nice, and it can be cut into complex shapes without a problem. I do all of the custom & short run TR covers for the Jackson CS out of this material. You can check some out here:


I just changed to a new web hosting company, so the site is still being constructed. You'll be able to see some pics there though. The brass scans really dark. It's hard to get a good pic of it. Anyway....hope it helps.


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