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Just Want To Get Everyone's Opinion...

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Ok, I have a Lotus Tele. I know it isnt of much use to me but I still like it noe the less. This guitar has been with me since i was 16 and im 21 now. My roomate and I stained the body a nice darker brown. I sanded down the neck and kept the maple fret board. I installed a '76 tele bridge on it and it currently has two seymour duncans. I am going to change the pickups again I jsut cant remember the names of the new ones. I know that they are found on most tributes. But I was thinking of hot-railing the bridge pickup and cool-railing the neck pickup with the POSSIBILITY of a texas special pickup inbetween the two. Like I said, I jsut wanted to get everyones opinion.

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sounds like the pickups will cost more then the guitar.

if your going with Duncan pickups I would build a new guitar to put them in.

This has been a very slow priject. I dont have alot of cash at any given point. And after child support and rent and everything, I dont ahve alot of money left for my paycheck. When I get it out of the shop, I will post a photo on here.

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