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This friday I'm going to be ordering new pickups (DiMarzio Evolutions) from my local music store, now I have a problem. I have a burnt stained light brown guitar, some of you might remember my finished pictures, anyhow, I don't know what colour pups I should get :/ would cream be good? or should I just stick with black, note that I will probably end up putting a black pickguard on it. The thing with the cream is that brown is a neutral colour, as with cream, and too many neutral colours together looks weird. So if you were to get an actual colour, what colour would you guys pick?

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Well... looks like I'm going with black, seeing as it was all they had in at the moment and I'd have to wait till after christmas to order. Worse case scenario: I don't like the black, and I buy some bobbins toppers to make 'em cream. :D Thanks for all the help guys :D

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