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even just the stencil material itself....then i could just design it myself...i don't know what it's called?

I use friskit (not sure on the spelling?). But this stuff will work great for what you are going to use it for.

I use to do a whole lot of airbrushing and this stuff was great for that sort of thing.......

You could also try some ancent style texts as well...........

mike :D

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Hey wes, Grab some frisket film. Or believe it or not Glad press-n-seal works too. PLace the film and carefully cut your design. OR simple transparency film from your office supply place if you don't want a tack stencil.

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allright...gotcha...frisket is the stuff i was trying to think of

i ran a seach on "stencil material" and alli got were tatoo sites

The better choice for this type of work would be application tape or vinyl paint mask. Both are available at your local sign shop. I use a lot of the gerber mask but avery makes a good one also. It is low tack. The application paper is the stuff that is used to apply vinyl letters and is very cheap and low tack. Application paper is used commonly for airbrush when the design is hand drawn and cut on the piece. The paint mask can be hand cut also but is usually cut on a plotter first.

frisket requires a perfect smooth surface and has so little tack it usually blows up on the edges and you get overspray or underspray in this case.

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