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Jehle's Logo Tutorial


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For my truss rod cover, I was thinking of going with Jehle's transparency-paper-and-laser-jet method. I was wondering, however, whether or not the logo would blend in with the paint I'm using.

My main concerns are: Will the edges of the transparency paper vanish over A) 2 or 3 coats of clear, and B ) a candy red basecoat.

A) with the clear needed to cover the basecoat and then sand down, if I put a piece of transparency paper on, the logo will technically be "floating" above the red basecoat. Would I happen to get a shadow reflecting on the red basecoat?

B ) I wanted the trussrod cover to match the bevels and the back of the neck: HOK candy apple red. I like the look of a plain black headstock, but still want some sort of logo, so I thought the truss rod cover would be a natural choice. Since the candy is such a richer color than most, not to mention red is a pretty light color, might I get discoloration in the area of the logo, because of the transparency paper?

Has anyone ever done this before, the logo over a solid color, not bare wood, like in the tutorial?

Thanks, guys.

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I used ink-jet decal paper on a guitar a couple of years ago. It works by printing onto the paper (in reverse I think) & then spraying a light coat of laquer over the top to seal it. You then cut out what you need, soak the paper in warm water & the clear decal seperates & can be placed onto the guitar. You then clear over the area until it becomes flush.

Here's a link to the finished article, http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/Steve...;s%20guitar.htm

The problems that I had were bubbles under one of the decals & a slightly noticable edge to the decal which is due to the laquer sinking into the body rather than a problem with the transfer paper. Beacuse the paper needs to be laquered prior to soaking with water it is quite stiff & doesn't take to curves very well.

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The decal paper is clear and the ink from the printer is transparent. If it is not over white it will not show the colors well. If you are using a black logo over the candy red it should show up ok. The decal is pretty thin but still requires several coats of clear and sanding to level. after leveling a few coats of clear finishes up.

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