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How Does A Truss-rod On A Neck-thru Work?

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neither..it stops 18" from where it starts...and i start mine right under the nut.sorry about the images in that "tutorial"

the site i had them on crashed a few years ago and the backups were on the computer my ex wife took when she left..

lost and never to be recovered...the pics i mean.they were pretty good pics too.

but like i said...i start the truss rod adjustmrernt end flush with where the nut sits...so that i can adjust it easy...and the rod is 18" long..if i remember right(i am not at home to check my notes)that puts it ending right under the 19th fret or so.

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The comments above are good. Your truss rod is used to adjust the neck from the nut to basically where the body and heel join up(you will not have much luck moving the body with a truss rod if you extend it further into the body, and could potentially compramise the fretboard if it was too far over the body** something will give and it is not likely the body). Ideally I like to have the end of the block(rod side-basically where the rods start) close to the neck/body joint, and the other end close to the string nut(depending on the scale and neck to body location I make the best compramise I can). I do use standard off the shelf truss rods same as Wes. So my location is limited by materials.


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