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Pore Filling Around A Plastic Binding And


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This is my first post here,,,,,,,,,,,, anyways, I have a Tele body made of Walnut with a Quilted Maple top and the top is bound with white plastic,,,,,,,,,,,,, I want to finish the body edges and back in a clear gloss and the top with a trans blue stain and gloss on top,,,,,,,,,,,,, I've been told that I need to Pore fill the edges and back and that I need to bleach the quilted maple before I stain it ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I've been told that I need to protect the binding at all cost and was able to find out that I need to tape the binding off with some vinyl pin stripping tape,,,,,, is this ALL I need to do in order to protect the binding OR is there more to it?

I don't want to end up with an expensive paper weight, I wan to end up with a VERY nice Telecaster type of guitar.

Here's a picture of the body.


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Since the binding is already attached then yes, its needs protection from any possible stain/dye absorption. I would have attached the binding after doing all the grainfilling / color coat and just before the final clearcoat. That way you have no worries about protection. If you want a smooth glossy finish overall then the walnut generally needs grainfilling.

I don't know about bleaching the maple top. Is one side actually darker or is that a trick of the light and figuring that gives that appearance? Maybe bleach the darker side or darken the lighter side? The common approach is the stain/dye black and sand back method to enhance the grain figuring. This also might be applied towards getting some balance in the maple. There are members here who can give you better advice on that end. Looks nice, did you build that one?

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"did you build that one?"

Nope, never built one, I'd like to some day but this is really going to be my second build, the first was a refinish of a Warmoth Koa topped Strat, it was a trans white (Mary Kay) and it had a fair amount of flame in the Koa so, I striped it and did a clear wipe on satin poly finish, this one is going to be high gloss trans blue at least on the top, now the back with be clear BUT may be wipe on poly or high gloss as I have a air compressor now and a spray gun as well,,,,,,,,,,,, I know I'll need to practice a bit too before doing this though............... I've read about the black stain first and sanding it back , then stain with the blue and what, sand it back a little and then what another round of stain and then the gloss?

So, anyways , the body is on the way to me as I type, should be here tomorrow. Because of this I really can't say if the sides are even in shading or not,,,,,,,, one fellow told me that it's best to start out with as white maple as possible when using blue, that it would not have mattered as much IF I was going with a red, orange, yellow , brown, or just about any other color except blue so, he said something about the bleach being a 2 part or something. He said that only the highest end maple was white without bleaching.

I am 100% interested in someone here telling me exactly how to do this job from beginning to end IF a guy didn't mind helping out a greenhorn........... I read somewhere online that one way of protecting the binding was to just buy some pin-stripping tape from a auto supply store and that this would take care of the possibility of stain OR filler OR bleach damaging the binding.

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Yes tkcrabby-sahn, I will indeed help you, in any way I can.

I suggest you start a new thread in the 'in-progress' section and we'll start fresh there, that's where we host our long-running builds, throw your pics up there and give us all an explanation of what the body is and what you intend to do with it, I'll meet you there and we'll pick up the story.

Come loaded with freshly sharpened pencil and paper. B):D

...and if westhemann tells you to dye it in a Tribal Design, do not listen to him, he has eaten far too much acid for his own good and lives a little too far south of the Prime Meridian for my comfort.


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