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Warmoth Conversion Necks

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This may seem like a really dumb question, but bear with me:

On the CNC guitar I've designed, the saddle, neck pocket, etc are all fit to spec of a 24 3/4 scale neck. If I order a Warmoth Scale Conversion neck, will it "work" with this guitar, or do I have to design my body to Fender scale specs? Or does it make a difference at all?



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I always thought that was just a bit of marketing on Warmoth's part and the only 'conversion' being made is that they put an angled Fender-style headstock on a 24.75 scale neck?

Which of course is what a lot of people would want.

Anyway, I've been trying to measure this one out with a couple of fretboards...it looks to me like the main issue is where the neck/fretboard ends --that is:

assuming you have two necks with these two different scales (Fender and Gibson)

but they have an equal number of frets and they both 'end' at the exact same place (for argument's sake, just past the 22 fret),

then you should be able 'convert' between them...with a bit of play in your saddles (which may not exist with a TOM bridge).

But it's still morning, I could be missing something completely :D

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It is my understanding that a conversion neck is made to work with the existing bridge location and neck pocket of a Fender-style 25.5" scale length. Therefore, the 24.75" conversion neck would actually have less playable range than a normal neck. Whether the difference is enough to result in fewer frets, I'm not sure, but that's the theory as I understand it.

As this applies to StefanR, this means that the conversion neck will only work if his guitar was designed to have a bridge and neck pocket set up for a strat-style, 25.5" scale, guitar.

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We have some of these on our clearance page. They shorten the scale and then compensate for the bridge distance by moving the fretboard a bit further off the neck wood closer to the bridge. You still need to set the intonation.

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