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Red Oak As A Neck Matarial?

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This is my first post here. I use oak for my guitar bodies because it's readily available to me and I like the sustain I get out of it. I have the neck off of a Squier '51 that I was going to use on my latest but I'm not really happy with it and I want to take a stab at building my own. Is oak stable enough to make a neck out of? I know Brian May used it for his finger board on the Red Special but I haven't found any cases of it as a neck wood. I imagine it would be similar to a Mahogony neck but I wanted to get an expert opinion before I give it a go.


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Oak is good for necks to. I have built two necks and they are still fine some ten years later. The sound is quite “in the middle”. Its not as twangy as maple and not as warm as mahogany.

Oak is hard on cutting tools as you probably already have noticed. It is also prune to splitting so be careful. There is also some major pore filling before you get a smooth surface so forget about oil finishes as long as you don’t like the rough feeling and don’t might some splinters in your fingers.

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