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Good Pickups With White Ash Body ...


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Hey all! I'm working on my first build from scratch (a tele inspired geetar), and I decided to use white ash 'cause I can get it pretty cheap in case I screw it up. I'm worried though that the ash may be really bright, so what would be some good pickups to get a Tele vibe that might work well with the ash?

I'm still sort of toying with the idea of using P90s, but I'm thinking that I may want to go for a sorta traditional tele sound.

If it is too bright, what are some other options to mellow it out a bit? I could use 500K pots insteat of 250K, right?

Thanks! :D:D

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Regarding pots: It’s the other way around. Lower value pots “bleed” some treble to earth (attenuate it).

For a nice Tele sound with less icy treble, go for a Fender Texas Special (or any over wound Tele). That is probably the best sounding traditional Tele bridge pup I have ever heard. Or you can try a T-90. That is (if you haven’t heard of them) a cross between a Tele pup and a P-90. More specific a Tele sized P90. Harmonic Design www.harmonicdesign.net/ makes one, as do Steven Kerting www.skguitar.com (and he’s a really nice guy). I make them too if you would like me to… :D

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