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Harbor Frieght Oak/beech Workbenches


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Hey you guys. Since I'm setting up a shop (finally) at the parent's place to do big bulk work over the breaks that I can't do in my dorm room, I decided to buy a workbench. I looked around and all I ever saw was things for like $400-over $1000, which I was definately NOT willing to pay. Then I found these two at harbor frieght:

The Work Bench I Bought

Step Up with 4 felt-lined drawers ($179)

I ordered the one without the drawers, cause I wasn't sure what kind of quality to expect from Harbor Frieght, especially for that price. I figured if it sucked, I'd rather lose $130 than $180, and if it's good, I'm gunna want more than one table in my shop, so I'll buy the $180 with the drawers next time around.

The Review:

I got it today, came EXTREMELY fast. Also, it came 'frieght' shipping according to their website, but they only charged me $10?! That's some NICE frieght shipping prices! It was easy to put together, took my like 15 minutes. All the wood except the lower shelf are full hardwood, that little shelf is the only particle piece. IE: it's really solid, everything lays perfectly flat so the table doesn't rock/move or anything. I still may bolt the legs down though, cause it's not a HEAVY table, so when you really get to working, maybe with something in the included vise, with all the pressure at the edge the table's back may lift. I don't forsee it as an issue, but like I said it's not a super heavy table, and it doesn't take much to send some bolts into the flooring.

Overall I'm EXTREMELY happy with the worktable! It's pretty big, looks GORGEOUS IMO, is essentially solid hardwood. All end-to-end joints in the wood are fingered, etc. Seems really well built and I'll definately be buying another one with the drawers some time soon when the shop is a little furrther along the way!

In the end, I've gotta recommend this to you guys, cause at this price, this thing is a little know hidden treasure!


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