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Dying Maple Fretboards...


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Hey fellas,

I'm just wondering if anyone has used or tried to use a dark dye on a maple fretboard. I know that maple takes dyes very well, so this isn't really a can it be done. More of a does it look decent.


There is any example of the type of dye job that I would like to do. Where it is multi-tonal and the grain is very defined. I want to know if it's possible to get those qualities from a darker dye. I'm shooting for a forest green, but I understand if it won't work.

I am good with solid and flake finishes but staining and dying I am clueless. I usually would ask my dad, but he's out of the state for a few weeks, and it's about time I started to learn.

...then again it's probably about time for me to give my dads scroll saw back too... :D:DB)

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