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Some Prototypes; Crit/comments Requested

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Well; I've come up with some prototypes, random brainchildren of my bored mind and French classes :D

Any crit is welcomed, but dont just say "OMG th3y ar3 t3h 9ayzorz111!one1" say what is wrong etc

Which are your favourites?

And the small pics beside them are more accurate, I'm better at smaller scales

So here are the pics:

Numero Uno: sv.jpg

Numero uh... Two-oh...




Et numero lasto:


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ooh, you nasty bunch...leave him alone :D

Sketches are a good way to work out concepts & ideas but a prototype needs to be functional. The way I work on ideas is to take a high resolution image of a guitar & work over it in Photoshop. I can change the body shape, headstock shape, bridge, pickups, knobs, switches...anything, as long as the scale length remains intact. Now you might not have Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro...or any image editing software. Even if you have, you might not carry a laptop with you at all times for when inspiration strikes. So....print out some pics of guitars & use them to trace over, the PRS website has some nice photos. Remember to start with the neck & the bridge, use the template pic as reference for pickup positions & go from there.

Good luck


Here's a template that I just knocked up. It's based off a PRS so it'll be 25" scale but shouldn't matter too much just for a concept sketch. It's saved at a resolution high enough for an A4 print at 300dpi.


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Gotta start somewhere. When an idea comes to me, I make a quick rough sketch first too.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it's really completely up to you. Don't let someone else discourage you if you find a shape you really like.

But you asked, so I'll chime in and say that I don't think the rounded-and-pointy-at-the-same-time look really works. Even so, I think the last one is the best of the bunch.

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Hey Dave,

You can do this.Take your time and do your research,don`t rush ,and draw the shape you like most to scale.

If you are playing a guitar now,you might want to stick close to one you like or can get your hands on to get some dimensions close shapewise.Some of the ones in your sketches might balance a little funny. :D

Everyone starts somewhere. :D

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IMO, you gotta sketch to scale. Unless you're very comfortable with CAD, it's by far easiest to do full sized. Like Wes, I tend to start with the fingerboard (to scale, right width, all that) and at least a line where the bridge is. Pickups come later, since i don't always know upfront. Then start sketching the body shape around it, see where everything falls, how it all measures out...

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