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Can The Bevel On A Sg Guitar Body Be Routed?

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I can't see how it could be done with a router seeing as the bevel is not constant around the body.

It can be done. You'll need to make a template made for the bevel. Simply follow the custom template with a ball bearing bit.

I think the issue is that an SG's bevel isn't the same angle (ie, you can't use a simple guided chamfer bit) all the way 'round. At least, I don't think it is, based on photos. Don't own one or anything....

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i am working on a thru neck sg and i just used a rasp to do the bevel. after an hour it looked flawless. as far as time goes youll probably spend a while making the template for the router when you could just spend less time using a rasp. ive never used a rasp until doing that and it looked like a pro job if you ask me.

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