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To All Wiring Freaks


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going to get my bari tele parts and could need some assistance for my wiring wishes:

it will have a normal tele bridge and middle and neck p90 pickup.

I will install a 3way toggle switch for neck, neck-bridge, bridge. a push/push pot as a vol pot for the middle pup or better would be a blend knob to handle the amount of its sound being in the mix, on pushpush option will activate or ground it.

a stacked concentric pot for neck and bridge vol

a tbx as master tone

and a big d varitone as additional gimmik ****

aaaaaand two on/off switches to a)engage/ disable the varitone in it's current position(keeps me from counting the clicks during playing and save me time) and killswitch for the whole guitar.

so - who of you guys can give me a diagram for that one? I've done a JP wiring to my SG n stuff but I'm not able to figure out schematics for myself. sorry.

i hope someone can help. I'll pretty much appreciate it.



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What's a stacked concentric Pot

Lemme Guess Push = Bridge volume

Pull= Neck volume

I'm a bit new aroundabouthere...I can try to diagram it.....

I don' t know if it'd help....

If the Concentric pot is what I think it is, I WANT ONE!


There 2 pots in 1, basicaly ont he front of you guitar rartehr then there being 2 knobs (1 vol, 1 tone) you have 1 knob which then has another smaller know ontop each working 2 different pots. Normaly

1 3/4" total shaft length and 9MM & 6MM shaft width.


Ive been puting these in alot of my project lately they allow for alot more options without having loads of pots/knobs on the guitar.

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These pots cost a smal fortune

Check out http://www.axesrus.com/axecart.htm i bought the concetric pot in my pst above fromt here a few days ago and fitted it in place of my volume pot as the vol/tone pot (So i could then remove the old tone pot and put in a mod) and i must say its 1 of the nicest feeling pots ive bought int he last 5 years! Its got indents at the halfway on both shafts and the smoothness of the turning actions is great. It was 12 pound which was well worth it in my opinion for the end result.


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