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Newbie Question


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Howdy Folks!

I've been a guitar player for 25 years so I know what I like and want in a guitar but I am a guitar building newbie.

For my first project, I am considering one of those SAGA TC-10 telecaster guitar kits in a box. I've seen them offered on ebay, torres engineering and a bunch of other places such as onlineguitar.

I even discovered some nice step by step instructions by Steve Robinson here: http://www.manchesterguitartech.co.uk/kitbuild.html.

A successful build seems likely but I question the quality of the kit.

So I am asking myself, has anyone here built one of these kits?

If so, how good was it?

Did it play well or was it disappointing because of the supplied parts in the kit?

If the quality and playability depends only upon my skills then I think I'll go for it.

If it's a junk kit then I might create my own kit from warmoth parts.

What do you think?


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This is a link to the owner of this forum! He sells them and he weeds out the ones that come with problems and shield the cavities for you!

On the quality, they are OK for a starter, I think that some people have stated Squier like quality... Just do a search here for saga and see what you come up with !

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my first guitar project was a saga guitar kit... i would say it is good for beginers looking for experience in guitar assembly. the quality is ok... the parts that are supplied are not anything near high quality but are decent if you are just looking to gain experience ( like said the the previous post... it can be easily compared to squier like quality ) the instructions are good and the whole process of putting together the guitar is not difficult... the most trouble i had was with painting and finishing.

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Hi Zeke:

Do a search for saga on the forum - there are several threads related to saga based builds as well as other references to them.



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