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Conned ?

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How about this guys?

I got onto an asian company for cheap machine heads as I wanted to buy a number of machine heads in bulk. I ordered different types and also a few sets of Kluson style machine heads. I didnt care whether they were 3 a side or 6 inline so just ordered by part no. and quantities wanted. I thought they'd send either 3 a side or 6 in line or (ask me in an email )...on plates or individual. It didnt matter to me. When I received the order, all other types of machine heads were correct but Kluson style sets were only 4 pieces to each set. I contacted the company and their reply was "We mainly sell 4 piece sets so you should have specified that you wanted 6 piece sets" I said "You have them listed as guitar machine heads and therefore one expects 6 pieces per bloody set !" They replied "Our main buyer only wants 4 piece sets for small hawaiian guitars" I said " I dont give a stuff what your main buyer wants if he's putting them on ukes thats fine but most people think of guitar machine heads sets as having 6 pieces per set. You advertised them and listed them as GUITAR mACHINE HEADS. I will look at these as 3 a side sets then and you can send me the 2 middle pieces for each set I ordered. Sorry, cant do that. Maybe we put them in next order from you. Pigs Bum !! I wont be ordering from them again. If they mainly sell 4 piece sets of these Kluson style heads, God, how many sets do they normally sell to anyone?

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Marksound's right, i've been pulling container loads of alloy wheels out of Asia for over 15 years with everything being built to order and you must stress what, where and when EVERYTIME you order...as he said, never assume ANYTHING.


I agree with both of you. That you should not assume but my point is that if sets are advertised as "Guitar Machine Heads" , Guitar Machine Heads, i.e 6 minimum should be supplied, especially Kluson styles that were made from 1925 onwards for Gibsons, Fenders etc.So although its a pain in the ginger. I have learnt a costly lesson. I suggested to the company that if only 4 pieces per set are their standard for these then they should not be advertised as sets of "Guitar Machine Heads" without some sort of statement to the effect that 4 piece sets are their standard (because one customer buys heaps to place on his 4 string ukeleles they think that 4 piece sets are standard for these.So it shows their inexperience and lack of knowledge) BTW they also sell fuel pumps, shoes and fabrics, so I am guilty of "assuming" and will not do that again. This should also be a lesson for other buyers of parts from Asian suppliers. One other thing . Lots of asian companies state that they manufacture parts, but they are full of crap. You find out later that they are actually trading companies and know nothing about guitars. One company that supposedly manufactured parts asked me to explain to them what a Tele bridge was. Even though they reckoned they made parts to suit Fender style guitars.

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This is an Asian company, right? Ever read the instructions that come with some Asian products? You'll laugh your ginger off, especially if it was translated from English to (insert language here) and back again. Just because something says "guitar" in English it may not have meant "guitar" in whatever the original language was. Again, never assume anything. :D

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