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Green ghost flames.... a jackson finish that they don't do any more..(unless you pay £2000+ for a custom job and wait 12 months...). and getting a king V with it second hand is nigh on impossible.


if i was to recreate it myself, on either a shop bought v or a built one, would you recomend airbrushing, or using several layers of water slide decals? i'm quite handy with an airbrush and with photoshop.

any ideas?

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looks like it is just masked off flames that have been layeredover a green heavy metallic base. I would guess that they used pearls or flip flop colors on the flames since they are still transparent. The masking can be created on the computer and cut on a sign plotter in paintmask fairly easy. This could be done with an airbrush but is better suited to a spray gun IMO.

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