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Would It Work?


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Of course it works. :D The pickup leads DO hook up to pots and the pots DO change the value of the pickup output when they are turned. In most cases there is a switch to go thru first but eventually the pickup's signal output makes it to the pot. Thats the whole concept of how potentiometers (aka variable resistors) work in electric guitars. Whenever you turn your volume pot you are changing the pickup's value. The only other way is to open up the pickup and add or remove windings in the coil or alter the mass of the magnet(s).


Heres some stuff to read.


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I ask because I want to add a dummy coil to my strat but keep it as stock as possible. With the dummy coil to cancel the hum the dummy needs to be close to the pickups value, I was wondering if I hook the dummy coil up to a pot would I be able to adjust it to match each pickup better?

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