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Alternative To An Electric Wood Planner?

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I got my body cut out & the neck is just about finished. The problems is my body is thicker than I want it to be. I need to take 1/4" maybe even a 1/2" off of it. It's too wide to turn it sideways and run it through a band saw (of course). I guess I could take my hand plane and start widdling it down. But that's a lot of wood and I doubt it'll come out straight. ANy ideas?

p.s. I used wood from a hardwood dealer... not stewie-mac pre-cuts.

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Easy. I presume you have a jointer?

Cut it along the centreline (or make one!) with a fine kerf bandsaw unless you can afford to write off 1/16" with a table saw, and individually thickness each half with a "common width" thicknesser. Rejoint and reglue. Much more painless than using the phone or worrying about what to do next. Rip that sucker up and give it hell man!

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If you have access to a pillar drill the Wagner Safe-T planer is an excellent alternative. No limitations to widths there.

Or just use that trusty hand planer and a lot of elbow grese

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