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Advise On Compressor

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I want to buy a Paschee VL airbrush set and a compressor to go with it. I want to use the brush for general art stuff (I am familiar with the VL since I used it before and knows what it can/can't do) and doing burst/painting T shirts. But thing is I also want to be able to use a touch up gun for clear coating or whatnot... you know something like Badger 400. I have been looking at compressor that is very similar to this one http://www.grizzly.com/products/G0464 in fact it might be the same unit with different brand/markings on it. I am located in Taiwan and they said the power tools grizzly sells are made here so its probably the same thing. Anyways the compressor in question can do 90 liter per minute (free air/displacement) and has a 6 liter tank. I have no question it will work fine with an airbrush but what about a touch up sprayer?

They also offer a 2 HP unit which offers more CFM (about 144 liter per minute free air) with the same sized tank. I dont want something huge because I dont have a lot of living space so something small is a big plus. Both units require oil (in fact I can't find an oil-less compressor in Taiwan... probably cause alot of people here do contract work and their compressor MUST work when it needs to... ) you think I should go with the 2 HP unit instead, it will be more expensive plus it will consume more power... but then it will not run as often...

I can buy some good lacquer in Taiwan but problem is they dont come in spray cans...

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Personally, i would get something bigger, maybe:


Compressors really need to be able to turn on and off, and use the stored air, rather than be on constantly. Also, a direct drive (the grizzly ones you and i linked to are direct drive) is much much noisier than a belt drive, so if possible, dont get one of those (belt drives are much expensive it seems). I made the mistake of buying a direct drive unit a few months back, and have regretted it ever since. Ive had to build a soundproof box for it to sit inside, and its still noisier than a belt drive would have been.

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