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How Do I Cut The Slot For A Tele Style Switch Without A Control Plate?

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I'm building a tele and I don't want a pickguard. I've back routed the guitar, but am not sure how to get a good thin slot cut in the wood for the three-way switch. Any ideas?

A small drill, coping saw, files and patience.

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If you are very careful, you could use a dremel tool with a router base (and straight board for a guide). How wide does the slot have you be? You could use a coping saw to cut the slot and then use a small dremel bit of the 1/8" router bits for dremels are too wide.

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i have a 5 way switch that i tore apart and cut the tower off of

when i have the switch where i want i take the modified switch plate

and put it on my layout then mark the screw hole's then drill them and mount the

the plate and use that as a guide for my dremmel

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