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Who's Copied The Doolin Side Bender?


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I'm sure I remember one of you chaps had had a go at it? Or perhaps I made it up?

Anyway, I love the design so I think I'm going to have a crack at one soon - the idea of registering the side at the butt end is excellent, as I'm picky about grain match there, and it looks like an elegant solution to the problem.

If one of you did have a go, what should I look out for? Anything specific?

A double width one would be great (2 sides at once) but I'm not sure that's an option realistically

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I use the spring steel sandwich like that (with blankets), but mine is not attached at the butt. I've bent all of 3 sets of sides, and I liked registering at the waist because I cut a taper in the flat stock, before I bend.

But I'll try cutting the taper after bending next time, as it took quite some time to bring the sides to a consistent 25" radius.

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