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Palmer Acoustic

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A guy didn't want this, so I took it. It's a Palmer p-12. Is this fixable?


Here's the guitar

And again.

Otherwise it appears to be in okay shape. I guess it's not a good idea to string it up and try it out?

It looks like the neck was not holding. So someone tried to pull the end of the heel with a screw(that was not a good idea to weaken the heal that way).As that started to fail they shot a second screw through the end of the heal and finished shattering the heal. I suspect the fix would entail removing the neck, repair the heal, and re-set the neck properly. You could give this a shot if the guitar means little to you and you want to try to learn. To do the job right it will be a fair bit of work, and it is hard to say whether the job will turn out well(given you have never done a re-set). If the guitar has value to you... You could get a quote on a re-set,repair,refinish. I doubt it will be worth what you find it will cost.

You may be able to try to cleanly trim the heel. Make and attach a new heel. Then attempt to re-secure the heel. It may hold, but I suspect the neck will not be 100% and may still not have a workable angle. It all depends on how much work you want to put into it.


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