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Truss Rod Wrenches


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My 1988 USA B.C. Rich Gunslinger has a slight up-bow to the neck, and unless i have the action uncomfortably high, i can't play notes above the 12th fret or so without fretting out against the 22nd. the Ibanez truss rod wrench i have easy access to at the moment appears to be too small to fit properly, and the Gibson truss rod wrench i have (which i don't have easy access to at the moment), i'm told by a friend who owns Gibsons and a Gunslinger, is too big to fit.

this guitar's truss rod uses a socket type wrench, but it appears to be some kind of oddball size, and i don't know what it is or where to find one. if anybody has any info about this, that would be very much appreciated.

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Well, a Gibson wrench is 5/16" (0.3125"). Your Ibanez wrench is probably 7mm (0.275"), or maybe 8mm (0.315"). It's unlikely you have something in between. Maybe the nut is damaged slightly (or just off). Is the Gibson wrench too big to fit the headstock, or the wrench socket is too big for the nut? Since this is a USA guitar, it should have an inch-sized nut. Find a set of deep sockets and see if you can find something that will fit. I'd take another look at that Gibson wrench though.

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