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Stripping The Paint On An Classical

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hey guys,

confused again

i need to strip the paint off a classical guitar

i hate the color and all the marks

i've been wondering about sanding it off but that would make the wood to thin and mess w/ the sound of the guitar

the other method was stripping the paint chemically but would that make the wood too damp

which method would be better for the guitar?

also which brand of paint stripper, if any, would be good?

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Depends. Refinishing acoustics is a bear because of the not wanting to sand away wood thing; paint strippers should be safe. Which one's best depends on the finish used.

What's wrong with the guitar, exactly? You sure it's not just the wood's colour? Cheapie?

The color dosen't do the guitar justice

it's a late 60's guild classical

dark brown stain

i was thinking a red mahagoney (don't know how to spell) stain instead

but will the paint stripper moisten to wood too much?

is there a special brand i need to use or will anyone just do?

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Is the guitar actually PAINTED? or just stain with clearcoat? Post a picture and someone can help you better. If its a stain then you will have to do some sanding and even then you will be hard pressed to remove all the original color without causing some integrity problems in the wood grain.

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