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Router As A Drum Sander?


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I predict that in a few minutes this thread will be full of; ARGH no! dont do it! Router spins way too fast for bits intended for drills!


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Router spins way too fast for bits intended for drills

Yeah, I kinda figured that was why it was burning up the wood so fast. I had to be gentle and move quickly.

The other problems with it was, of course, I couldnt have the drum scrapeing my router table (that would have made an interesting sound huh?) so I raised it about an 1/8 in. This meant that the bottom 1/8 wasnt getting sanded. So I got a small piece of plywood to jack up my guitar body. No big deal. I'd rather have a real drum router.

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Okay, lets math this one.

A 12'000rpm router with a 2cm sanding drum (TINY!).

The drum has a circumference of just under 6.28cm.

Multiply the circumference by the rpm, divide by sixty.

The edge of the drum will traverse 12.6m in a SECOND. An 8cm drum, just over 50m per second. That's 112mph. 162fps. A .38 Special's bullet probably travels about 500fps.

Imagine bits of your nice normally safe sanding drum flying at your soft compliant damageable body at that speed. Probably very hot and melty by that point too. Unpleasant is too flowery a term for this one.

Russian Roulette is more appropriate I believe. Your fingers won't grow back. Or your teeth, nose, lumps of arm, etc.


Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the way it is.

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