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Pickup Re-wiring


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What? I don't understand your question at all! What are you trying to do, actually take apart and rewire a pickup, or rewire the guitar controls for new pickups?

As for potting pickups, the classic solution is for beeswax, which you can get by melting a beeswax candle, which can be bought in tons of stores. Some people use lacquer or epoxy, but these are permanent. Stewmac.com has a basic tutorial on pickup potting.

I'd need to change the cable onto 2 mini humbuckers and 1 humbucker.

They are from Seymour Duncan, but even if I am used to wiring jobs, I feel kinda afraid to break something :D

any ideas or hints?

thx in advance :D

p.s. a little question: do anybody knows if there's a particoular wax to re-pot pickups?

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A mix of beeswax and paraffin (sp?) works, too. Not quite as soft as most beeswaxes tend to be. There are safety precautions to take when melting wax, so beeware.


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I use a mix of 80% parafin and 20% bees wax. The bees wax is actually softer then the parafin, but the mix is supposed to cansel movement due to the wax getting warm (under a spotlight or similar). I don't relly know about that. I just use the same mix that Fralin uses. And it works...

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