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One Piece Or Three Piece White Limba Neck?

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I have just purchased a neck blank of White Limba that should arrive in a few days. It is a quartersawn piece measuring 1.75" thick x 3.375 wide x 30" long. I bought it because it is quartersawn and will therefore allow me to use it as is, and not have to cut it into three pieces and laminate it. Before I proceed with this "one piece" neck I would like to know if this sounds OK, or if I should cut it into three pieces and laminate it anyway. What opinions can I get on a one piece vs. three piece White Limba neck? If it makes any difference, the fingerboard is ebony. Thanks

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If it is a good straight grained quarter sawn blank. You really have no reason to re-laminate it. There is some debate about the benifits of laminations(I generally laminate if I have any excuse to do it), but no solid data confirms any improvement(and I suspect if there was an advantage it would not apply to straight gr. well quartered cuts). You really have no compelling reason to laminate though if you have the traditional cut of choice.


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Have you thought about lamination and adding nice contrasting wood in between the Limba pieces. Lmii sells these nice black stained veneers. Adding two sheets in between the Limba gives this nice custom look.

See here:


Because the guitar (Explorer, mahogany body) will be stained in a rusty red mahogany color, any color contrast between laminations would not be seen very well anyway. So, if I do not have to go to the trouble of cutting and glueing wood for a laminated neck, I would prefer not to.

The pictures of the White Limba blank's grain on EBAY looked very straight to me, and the pic of the end grain shows it to be almost perfectly quartersawn.

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